Lowrance 0-Degree 50/200 Depth/Temp Blue Connector 600w #B117-DT-BL
  Download LiteratureLowrance B117-DT-BL TransducersB117 Bronze Thru-Hull Low-Profile 600 W Blue ConnectorApplications Planing hull powerboats Sailboats Features Industry standard for low-profile transducers Depth and temperature Good target detail in shallow-water at 200kHz and good deep-water bottom tracking at 50kHz Right...
$386.99 $295.81
Sold Out
Lowrance 10' Extension Cable Active Target #000-16069-001
Lowrance 000-16069-001 Accessories 10' Extension Cable Active Target Normalized SKU: 00016069001
$142.78 $111.05
Lowrance 10EX-BLK Extension Cable for The LSS-1 Transducer #99-006
Lowrance 99-006 Network AccessoriesExtension Cable For LSS-1 or LSS-2 TransducerFor use specifically with Lowrance's LSS-1 or LSS-2 Transducer. If the 20' transducer cable is not long enough, the 10' extension cable is available. LOWRANCE 10EX-BLK EXTENSION CABLE FOR THE LSS-1...
$114.44 $89.01
Sold Out
Lowrance 10EX-BLK Transducer Extention Cable #000-00099-006
Lowrance 000-00099-006 AccessoriesIntroducing the new edge in picture-perfect bottom viewing of ledges, channels, drop-offs, brush and all the other great fish-holding structure. Designed for all HDS displays, Lowrance StructureScan sonar imaging takes finding fish and structure to the highest level...
$106.25 $82.64
Sold Out
Lowrance 12 Cover for HDS-5 000-0124-61
Lowrance 124-61 Navigation CamerasLowrance 12 Cover For HDS-5 000-0124-61Normalized SKU: 12461UPC Code: 042194533414
$43.70 $39.57
Sold Out
Lowrance 14 Cover for HDS-8 000-0124-63
Lowrance 124-63 Navigation CamerasLowrance 14 Cover for HDS-8 000-0124-63Normalized SKU: 12463UPC Code: 042194533438
$50.33 $40.54
Sold Out
Lowrance 15 Cover for HDS-10 000-0124-64
Lowrance 124-64 Navigation CamerasLowrance 15 Cover For HDS-10 000-0124-64Normalized SKU: 12464UPC Code: 042194533445
$49.07 $44.85
Lowrance 15' Extension Cable for DSI Transducers #000-10263-001
Lowrance 000-10263-001 Transducers15 ft extension cable for the DSI transducer.Works with: Elite-5 DSI, Elite-5x DSI, Mark-5x DS Normalized SKU: 00010263001UPC Code: 042194535968
$59.22 $47.69
Lowrance 15' Extension Cable for LGC3000 Red NMEA Network #119-86
Lowrance 119-86 Network AccessoriesN2KEXT-15RD 15' NMEA 2000 Cable15' extension cable. For use with LGC-3000 and red NMEA network LOWRANCE 15FT EXTENSION CABLE FOR LGC3000 RED NMEA NETWORKNormalized SKU: 11986UPC Code: 042194529745
$85.09 $68.54
Sold Out
Lowrance 20' Extension Cable for Ghost Compass #000-15326-001
Lowrance 000-15326-001 AccessoriesLowrance 20' Extension CableModel: 000-15326-001Ghost Trolling motor compass extension cable, 6 m (20')Normalized SKU: 00015326001UPC Code: 9420064111275
$97.99 $70.62
Lowrance 20m Cable #AA010212
Lowrance AA010212 Network Accessories20 meter cable for use with BR24 radomes.Normalized SKU: AA010212UPC Code: 9420024106563
$267.93 $204.79
Sold Out
Lowrance 2m Adapter Cable #127-56
Lowrance 127-56 AccessoriesLowrance 2m Adapter Cable #127-56Normalized SKU: 12756
$68.99 $49.30
Sold Out
Lowrance 30m Cable #AA010213
Lowrance AA010213 Network Accessories30 meter cable for use with BR24 radomes.Normalized SKU: AA010213UPC Code: 9420024106570
$313.90 $265.37
Lowrance 3D Transducer Bracket #000-13522-001
Lowrance 000-13522-001 Mounting HardwareLowrance's 000-13522-001 Mounting Bracket is designed for use with StructureScan 3D and TotalScan Transducers. It may be mounted directly to the transom, onto the jackplate, or under the step. It features a durable plastic construction with a...
$86.60 $69.76
Sold Out
Lowrance 3G Broadband Radar Dome with 10m Cable #000-10418-001
Download LiteratureLowrance 000-10418-001 Radar DomeLowrance Broadband 3G™ RadarPart #: 000-10418-001Faster, better by far!New Broadband 3G™ Radar. Unrivaled target separation and detection near and farther - with 30% more range. The safest choice for more boats.Features: Crystal Clear Images Zero Radiation...
$1,791.63 $1,420.95
Sold Out
Lowrance 5-Pin Ethernet Joiner Cable Female to Female 5.5" #000-10779-001
Lowrance 000-10779-001 AccessoriesLowrance 5-Pin Ethernet Joiner Cable Female to Female 5.5" #000-10779-001Normalized SKU: 00010779001UPC Code: 9420024118641
$76.99 $55.10
Lowrance 50' Ethernet Cable #000-0127-37
Lowrance 000-0127-37 Network AccessoriesStay connected with Lowrance 000-0127-37 HDS Ethernet Networking Cable. The Ethernet Cable has a 50' length for added convenience. The yellow cable has a 5-Pin connection and yellow connectors. Refer to manufacturer recommendations to ensure a proper...
$149.83 $116.54
Lowrance 50/200 HDI Transom Mount for Hook Reveal #000-15639-001
Lowrance 000-15639-001 Transducers50/200 HDI Transom Mount Transducer for HOOK RevealHDI Skimmer® transducer 50/200 / 455/800kHz for HOOK²/HOOK Reveal, with built in temp. Includes mounting bracket and hardware.  Cable Length 6 m (20 ft). Connector: 8 pin push fit.Hybrid Dual Imaging™...
$365.38 $279.29
Sold Out
Lowrance 50/200 Skimmer Transducer Mounting Kit #000-10392-001
Lowrance 000-10392-001 Transducers50/200kHz Skimmer Transducer Mounting KitFeatures: 50/200kHz Skimmer transducer mounting kit Heavy duty plastic mounting bracket Normalized SKU: 00010392001UPC Code: 042194536064
$33.15 $26.88
Sold Out
Lowrance 6.5" Speakers 200w #000-12304-001
  Download LiteratureLowrance 000-12304-001 Speakers6.5" Speakers - 200WFeatures 6.5" Low magnetic speaker 200W Max music power 4 Ohm Coaxial two-way design Normalized SKU: 00012304001UPC Code: 9420024139325Lowrance 000-12304-001 Literature Download  Owners Manual
$87.62 $78.76
Lowrance 7 to 9-Pin Adapter Cable #000-13313-001
Lowrance 000-13313-001 AccessoriesLowrance 000-13313-001 7 Pin Blue To 9 Pin Adapter. Refer to manufacturer recommendations to ensure a proper fit. Quick and easy to use. Transducer adapter cable 7 Pin Blue To 9 Pin Adapter Refer to manufacturer recommendations to...
$46.24 $37.25
Lowrance 7-Pin to 9-Pin Transducer Adapter #13313-001
Lowrance 13313-001 AccessoriesTransducer to unit adapter cables for Lowrance fishfinders.Normalized SKU: 13313001UPC Code: 9420024155301
$54.23 $43.69
Lowrance 7-Pin Transducer Adapter to HOOK2 #000-14068-001
Lowrance 000-14068-001 Accessories7-Pin Transducer Adapter Cable to HOOK²This adapter cable will adapt any Navico 7-pin tranducer to a HOOK2 unit. Normalized SKU: 00014068001UPC Code: 9420024166956
$43.99 $42.81
Lowrance 83/200 kHz Ice Tranducer with 7' Cable #000-0106-68
Lowrance 000-0106-68 Ice Fishing AccessoriesLowrance 000-0106-68 PTI-WSU is an Ice Transducer for ice fishing. It features 83/200 kHz with up to a 1,000 foot range (300 meters). The beam width of this transducer at 83 kHz is 52 degrees and...
$91.46 $74.99
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