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Teleflex Gauge and Harness Kit #DK4320
Teleflex DK4320 Autopilots Accessories for SeaStar jack plates. Available environmentally sealed non-contact SmartStick position sensor for precise height information. Easy accessory mounting with accessory adapter kit.Normalized SKU: DK4320UPC Code: 808282316525
$133.18 $54.30
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Raymarine EV-150 Evolution Hydraulic Autopilot No Drive #T70407
Raymarine T70407 AutopilotsEV-150 Evolution Core Pack - No DriveThe Evolution EV-150 Core Pack comes complete with our p70Rs autopilot controller, EV1 Sensor Core, ACU150 Actuator Control Unit, and an Evolution autopilot cabling kit.Engineered for simplicity, Raymarine's award-winning Evolution autopilots eliminate...
$2,247.49 $1,549.99
Octopus 1200 cc/Min 12v Reversing Pump up to 22ci #OCTAF1212BP12
Octopus Autopilot Drives OCTAF1212BP12 AutopilotsReversing Pump 1200CC/min - 12V - Up to 22ci CylinderAdjustable displacement Reversing Pump with Bypass Valve & Reservoir  Specifications:Boat Length - Max (Feet) = NONE Cable Length (Feet) = NONE Capacity - Max Ram (CU) =...
$1,785.44 $995.52
ComNav Jog Switch with Two Sets of Switches #20310003
ComNav Marine 20310003 AutopilotsJog Switch with 2 Sets of SwitchesThe ComNav Jog Switch is a permanently mounted, watertight, electrical switch specifically designed for marine service. The spring-centred lever is moved to Port or Starboard as desired to provide non follow-up...
$909.90 $501.91
Lowrance Outboard Pilot Cable Steer Pack #000-11749-001
  Download LiteratureLowrance 000-11749-001 AutopilotsLowrance Outboard Cable-Steer Pilot PackEverything you need in one box to fit an autopilot to your outboard motor, the Outboard Pilot lets you focus on fishing activity while keeping the boat on course. When connected to...
$2,101.05 $1,449.00
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Raymarine EV-100 Tiller Pilot #T70153
  Download Literature  Watch VideoRaymarine T70153 AutopilotsEV-100 Tiller Evolution AutopilotFeatures: A complete autopilot-in-a-box Evolution Ai for superior performance No calibration required Quick and easy installation Powerful tiller drive is compact and unobtrusive Used by the world's top single-handed sailors For...
$3,574.24 $1,634.20
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Raymarine Tiller Drive Only #Q047
Raymarine Q047 AutopilotsRaymarine Tiller Drive Only #Q047Normalized SKU: Q047UPC Code: 723193104750
$934.99 $699.05
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Raymarine Type 2/12v Hydraulic Linear Dr #E12207
Raymarine E12207 AutopilotsRaymarine Type 2/12v Hydraulic Linear Dr #E12207Normalized SKU: E12207UPC Code: 091975009334
$3,505.99 $2,809.03
Raymarine Gateway Volvo Penta Gateway 1-6 Engine #A80649
Raymarine A80649 AutopilotsRaymarine Gateway Volvo Penta Gateway 1-6 Engine #A80649Normalized SKU: A80649UPC Code: 723193836392
$1,443.99 $1,106.32
Garmin GHC20 Reman Autopilot Color Control Display #010-N1141-00
Garmin 010-N1141-00 AutopilotsGarmin GHC™ 20 Marine Autopilot Control Unit - RemanufaturedModel: 010-N1141-00 Compatible with legacy Garmin autopilots as well as newer Garmin autopilots; can be controlled with quatix® marine watch Large, bright 4-inch color glass-bonded display with anti-glare finish Easy...
$863.18 $543.25
Garmin Reactor 40 Kicker Autopilot with SS Tilt Tube #010-00705-96
Garmin 010-00705-96 AutopilotsReactor™ 40 Kicker Autopilot with Stainless Steel Tilt TubeDesigned for Use with Kicker MotorsFeatures: Specially designed for boats with small gasoline outboard motors of up to 20 horsepower. Helps maintain heading hold and route to keep you on...
$3,479.99 $2,399.99
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Simrad NF80 Non Follow Up #000-10185-001
Simrad 000-10185-001 AutopilotsNF80 Non Follow Up RemoteThe NF80 works with your Simrad autopilot system, adding a dedicated lever for heading adjustments, course changes, or hand steering. Non Follow Up control means the rudder turns while the lever is held to...
$1,575.00 $920.38
Simrad AP44 VRF High Autopilot Package #000-13562-002
Simrad 000-13562-002 AutopilotsAP44 VRF High Capacity Autopilot Pack - AP44, NAC-3, Precision 9 & Pump-3 MK2The AP44 Autopilot Controller combines Simrad Continuum steering technology with a full-color display, intuitive rotary dial and button controls, and modern glass helm styling. Free...
$5,074.59 $3,599.00
Navico NAC-1 Precision Hydraulic Pilot Pack #000-15951-001
Navico 000-15951-001 AutopilotsNAC-1 Precision Hydraulic Autopilot PackFeatures: Easy to install system pack, hydraulic connectors, and hoses all included Dash-mount button for one-touch Auto/Standby activation Steer to Heading, Course or Route Automatic Turn Patters NAC-1 Plug & Socket connectors reduce the...
$2,536.05 $1,749.00
Navico NAC-1 Hydraulic Outboard Pilot Pack #000-15952-001
Navico 000-15952-001 AutopilotsNAC-1 Outboard Hydraulic Autopilot PackFeatures: Easy to Install, available for both Hydraulic and Cable steer systems Dash-mount button for one-touch Auto/Standby activation Steer to Heading, Course, or Route Automatic Turn Patters NAC-1 Plug & Socket connectors – no...
$1,798.50 $1,199.00
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Simrad Outboard Pilot Cablesteer Pack #000-11749-001
Simrad 000-11749-001 Autopilots Simrad Mechanical Outboard PilotDo-It-Yourself autopilot pack for fingertip control from any Simrad GO XSE, NSS evo2, and NSO evo2 multifunction display. Affordable automatic steering for outboard engines. NAC-1 Autopilot Computer Point-1AP Compass + GPS Sensor Auto/Standby Button...
$2,401.19 $1,506.14
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Simrad WR10 Remote Only #000-12358-001
Simrad 000-12358-001 AutopilotsSimrad WR10 Remote Only #000-12358-001Normalized SKU: 00012358001UPC Code: 9420024140901
$408.88 $205.50
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Simrad Outboard Pilot Hydraulic Pack #000-11748-001
Simrad 000-11748-001 AutopilotsSimrad Outboard Pilot Hydraulic Pack #000-11748-001Normalized SKU: 00011748001UPC Code: 9420024134313
$1,997.99 $1,142.34
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Accu-Steer Hydraulic Power Pack HD Tank Model 12v #HPU200-12
Accu-Steer HPU200-12 AutopilotsHPU200-12 Hydraulic Power Pack Heavy-Duty Tank Model - 12VThe Accu-Steer HPU200 hydraulic pump is designed to interface hydraulic steering with electric/autopilot control. Its compact and rugged construction provides ease of installation along with long-life operation. These units are...
$5,916.39 $3,380.36
Navico Pump-3 Mk2 12v Pump Reversible Hydraulic 1.6l #000-15445-002
Navico 000-15445-002 AutopilotsPump-3 MK2 Reversible Hydraulic Pump for SteadySteerFeatures: 12V DC: Reversible hydraulic gear pump 1.6L (98 cu.in) / min. For cylinder displacement of 160-550 cc (9.8 - 33.5 cu.in) O-Ring Boss (ORB) connections. Includes 3 x ORB-5 to 9/16...
$1,693.50 $940.46
Navico Pump-2 Mk2 12v Pump Reversible Hydraulic 0.8l #000-15444-002
Navico 000-15444-002 AutopilotsPump-2 MK2 Reversible Hydraulic Pump for SteadySteerFeatures: For cylinder displacement of 80 cc - 250 cc (4.9 - 15.2 cu. in) O-Ring Boss (ORB) connections. Includes 3 x ORB-5 to 9/16 UNF fittings SteadySteer compatible. (NAC-2 / AC12...
$1,470.95 $816.01
Simrad PUMP MKII Fitting Kit ORB Hose with SteadySteer #000-15949-001
Simrad 000-15949-001 AutopilotsSimrad Autopilot ORB hose fitting kit for MKII Pumps 2, 3, 4 &5 with SteadySteerModel: 000-15949-001 Use helm to control autopilot — for greater ease-of-use Steer manually through turns - convenient manual override Autopilot engages automatically on straight...
$1,052.45 $701.54
Simrad Verado Fitting Kit for MK2 Pump 1/2/3/4/5 #000-15943-001
Simrad 000-15943-001 AutopilotsSimrad Verado autopilot fitting kit for MKII Pumps 1, 2, 3, 4 &5Model: 000-15943-001Fitted hose kit designed for simplified Verado Autopilot installations, reducing the opportunity for faulty field terminated hydraulic hoses and incorrect installation layouts.What's in the Box:...
$828.34 $544.84
Simrad AP44M-VRF Autopilot MKII Pump SteadySteer #000-13291-002
Simrad 000-13291-002 AutopilotsSimrad AP44M-VRF Medium Capacity Autopilot MKII Pump, SteadySteer CompatibleModel: 000-13291-002UPC: 9420024155165 Rotary-dial course adjustment with new intuitive autopilot control Optically bonded 4.1-inch color display Easy setup with auto tuning and calibration Simrad Continuum steering technology All new intuitive...
$3,876.09 $2,749.00
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