Siren Marine 120v AC Shore Power Relay Wired #SM-ACC-ACRE-120
Download LiteratureSiren Marine SM-ACC-ACRE-120 Security Systems120V AC Shore Power Relay - WiredThe 120VAC Shore Power Relay is used to detect presence and loss of AC shore power. The relay is meant to be hardwired directly to your AC distribution panel. This...
$120.58 $76.20
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Garmin Ondeck LTE Antenna #010-13009-06
Garmin 010-13009-06 Security SystemsOnDeck™ LTE Antenna Keep your vessel going with this external LTE antenna for your compatible OnDeck™ Hub. Normalized SKU: 0101300906
Garmin Ondeck Relay Swtich 24v #010-13009-07
Garmin 010-13009-07 Security SystemsOnDeck™ Relay Switch - 24VControl your vessel remotely using the OnDeck™ Hub and a relay switch. Add up to five switches to your OnDeck Hub to stay in control.Verify that the input power for your OnDeck Hub...
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Garmin Ondeck Temperature Sensor #010-13009-02
Garmin 010-13009-02 Security SystemsOnDeck™ Temperature Sensor Monitor temperature remotely with this sensor for your OnDeck™ Hub. Temperature sensor can monitor from -50° to 105°C (from -58° to 221°F). Normalized SKU: 0101300902
$37.99 $28.11
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Garmin Ondeck Security Sensor #010-13009-03
Garmin 010-13009-03 Security SystemsOnDeck™ Security Sensor Detect unauthorized entry into your vessel with this magnetic security sensor and your OnDeck™ Hub. Door or window installation recommended. Normalized SKU: 0101300903
$37.99 $28.11
Garmin Ondeck Relay Swtich 12v #010-13009-01
Garmin 010-13009-01 Security SystemsOnDeck™ Relay Switch - 12VControl your vessel remotely using the OnDeck™ Hub and a relay switch. Add up to five switches to your OnDeck Hub to stay in control.Verify that the input power for your OnDeck Hub...
$89.98 $54.36
Garmin Ondeck Data Cable 19-Pin #010-13009-04
Garmin 010-13009-04 Security SystemsOnDeck™ In/Out Data Cable (19-Pin) - Sensor/Relay Output Monitor your vessel with this replacement 19-pin data cable for your compatible OnDeck™ Hub. Normalized SKU: 0101300904
Garmin Ondeck Power Cable 2-Pin #010-13009-05
Garmin 010-13009-05 Security SystemsOnDeck™ Power Cable (2-Pin) Power your compatible OnDeck™ Hub with this threaded 2-pin power cable. Normalized SKU: 0101300905
$55.48 $33.74
Garmin Ondeck Shore Power Sensor #010-13009-00
Garmin 010-13009-00 Security SystemsOnDeck™ Shore Power Sensor Monitor the status of your shore power remotely using the OnDeck™ Hub and this sensor. Connect this accessory to an electrical outlet and your OnDeck Hub to get started. Compatible with North America, Europe,...
T-H Marine Two Way Alarm Remote #TWAR-1-DP
T-H Marine TWAR-1-DP Security Systems Additional Remote Control Unit f/2-Way Boat Alarm System Protects your boat and valuable equipment from theft. Features: Two Way Remote Alerts with Sound, Light & Vibration WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which...
$137.07 $45.36
Siren Marine Temp Sensor for Siren 3 #SM-WLS3-TEMP-917
Siren Marine SM-WLS3-TEMP-917 Security SystemsTemp Sensor for Siren 3Monitor the temperature of the cabin, engine room, bait locker, or fridge. Place the Wireless Module in the area that needs to be monitored, link the module to the Siren 3 Pro,...
$226.18 $133.98
Siren Marine Entry Sensor for Siren 3 #SM-WLS3-ENTR-917
Siren Marine SM-WLS3-ENTR-917 Security SystemsEntry Sensor for Siren 3Receive instant notifications if there is unauthorized entry on the boat. Perfect for securing lockers, doors, and hatches. Install the Wireless Module on one side of the door or locker and the...
$226.18 $133.98
Siren Marine High Water Sensor for Siren 3 #SM-WLS3-HIWS-917
Siren Marine SM-WLS3-HIWS-917 Security SystemsHigh Water Sensor for Siren 3The Wireless High-Water Sensor detects if there is water in the bilge and sends an alert to the Siren Marine App if water has risen above the preset level. Mount the...
$226.18 $133.98
Siren Marine Battery Sensor for Siren 3 #SM-WLS3-BATT-917
Siren Marine SM-WLS3-BATT-917 Security SystemsBattery Sensor for Siren 3Monitor battery voltage with the Wireless Battery Sensor, and never worry about a dead battery again. Attach the Battery Connector to one of the boat’s batteries and plug the other end into...
$226.18 $133.98
Siren Marine Bilge Pump Sensor for Siren 3 #SM-WLS3-BILG-917
Siren Marine SM-WLS3-BILG-917 Security SystemsBilge Pump Sensor for Siren 3The Wireless Bilge Pump Sensor monitors bilge pump activity, including run time and daily cycles. Attach the Bilge Pump Connector to the bilge pump and plug the other end into the...
$226.18 $133.98
Siren Marine Wiring Cable for Siren 3 #SM-ACC3-WIRE
Siren Marine SM-ACC3-WIRE Security SystemsWiring Cable for Siren 3The Wiring Cable 2 accessory is used to connect additional wired sensor inputs and to also drive additional outputs to your Siren 3 Pro device. Each wire has unique functionality to support...
$38.83 $23.61
Siren Marine Siren 3 Pro Main Device #SM-S3P-917
Download Literature Watch VideoSiren Marine SM-S3P-917 Security SystemsSiren 3 Pro Main DeviceFeatures: Providing the ultimate smart boating experience that keeps you connected to your boat 24/7, regardless of boat size, type or use The Siren 3 Pro provides the modern boating...
$1,162.48 $749.99
Siren Marine External GPS Antenna for Siren 3 Pro #SM-ACC3-GPSA
Siren Marine SM-ACC3-GPSA Security SystemsExternal GPS Antenna for Siren 3 Pro Includes 10' CableOptimize GPS tracking of your boat with the External GPS Antenna. When you remotely mount the External GPS Antenna, the Siren 3 Pro will override the use...
$86.38 $52.19
Garmin OnDeck Hub #010-02134-00
Watch VideoGarmin 010-02134-00 Security SystemsOnDeck™ HubBE THERE FROM VIRTUALLY ANYWHERETrack, monitor and control up to 5 switches on your boat with the OnDeck™ system, a fully integrated remote connectivity solution1.Features: Door open? Bilge running? Peace of mind comes in the...
$1,317.48 $849.99
T-H Marine 2-Way Alarm Kit #TWA-1-DP
T-H Marine TWA-1-DP Security Systems2-Way Boat Alarm SystemProtects your boat and valuable equipment from theft.Features: Shock Sensor Detects Intruders Alerts you up to 3000 Yards when Activated Two Way Remote Alerts with Sound, Light & Vibration Up to 3000 Yards...
$439.28 $145.82
Siren Marine Audible Alarm #SM-ACC-ALRM
Siren Marine SM-ACC-ALRM Security SystemsSiren Marine Audible AlarmThe Siren Marine audible alarm produces a powerful beeping sound (105 decibels). The alarm can be connected to one of the outputs on the MTC, which will allow it to be turned on and...
$95.38 $57.62
Siren Marine Sirensat Offshore Antenna W/2m Power Cable #SM-SAT-OFFS
Siren Marine SM-SAT-OFFS Security SystemsSirenSat Offshore Antenna with 2M Power CableThe SirenSat Offshore Antenna allows users to track their boat, even after it leaves cellular coverage. A perfect solution for boat owners who keep their boats in theft-prone areas. Satisfies...
$434.98 $249.99
Sold Out
Siren Marine MTC NMEA 2000 Interface Cable #NGT-1-MTC
Siren Marine NGT-1-MTC Security SystemsMTC NMEA 2000 Interface CableThe NGT-1-MTC allows users to connect their MTC to the onboard NMEA 2000 electronics backbone. This enables the MTC to pull valuable engine data, including hours, fuel consumption, and basic fault codes....
$481.99 $399.00
Sold Out
Nautic Alert 3/4 NPT Adapter for Outdoor Antenna #ATNPT-100
Nautic Alert ATNPT-100 Security Systems3/4 NPT Adapter for Outdoor Antenna3/4 NTP Adapter for Outdoor GPS or Iridium Antenna. For use with VTracker system.  Specifications:Sensor Quantity - Max = NONE Sensors Included = NONENormalized SKU: ATNPT100
$96.99 $69.60
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