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ACR HotShot Sighted Signaling Mirror with Float and Whistle #1700
  Download LiteratureACR Electronics 1700 Safety KitsHotShot™ Sighted Signaling Mirror w/Float & WhistleFeatures: Sighting "spot" with holographic red dot viewing window for optimum viewing When target image, mirror and sun are in proper alignment, red dot on target ensures mirror...
$24.99 $18.00
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Orion Whistle Mirror Kit #744
Orion Safety Products 744 Safety KitsWhistle/Mirror KitAudible and visual signal for dry areas. Help rescuers note there is an emergency and guides them to your location. Audible signal will not freeze. Mirror (2 x 3) with lanyard and view finder....
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Orion Emergency Blanket #464
Orion Safety Products 464 Safety KitsEmergency BlanketOrion's emergency blanket offers compact emergency protection that is waterproof, windproof and reflects body heat back to the body.Features: Compact Waterproof Windproof Reflects body heat back to the body Normalized SKU: 464UPC Code: 039147104647
$4.99 $4.54
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Orion Reflective Triangle #460
Orion Safety Products 460 Safety KitsReflective TriangleOrion's Reflective Triangle folds open to make you and your vehicle noticeable in any roadside emergency situation. Normalized SKU: 460UPC Code: 039147104609
$11.99 $8.18
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Orion Signaling Kit Flag/Mirror/Dye Marker/Whistle #619
Orion Safety Products 619 Safety KitsSignaling Kit - Flag, Mirror, Dye Marker & WhistleSelection of visual and audible signals that can be seen or heard by sea or air rescues.  Pack in a polybag.  Includes:1 USCG Approved Distress Flag Approved...
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Orion Lightstick Displayer 24 Green Lightsticks #902
Orion Safety Products 902 Safety KitsLightstick Display - 24 Green LightsticksLightstick display carton includes 24, 6" green lightsticks in a 4-color counter display.  Each stick produces up to 12 hours of light.  Each stick is foil wrapped.  Self contained, opens...
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Orion Mirror Safety #916
Orion Safety Products 916 Safety KitsSignaling Mirror with LanyardHigh quality, durable construction, will not corrode due to effects of salt water.Features: View finder and lanyard Visiblity to 10 miles Measures 3" x 4" WARNING: This product can expose you to...
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Davis Standard Echomaster Radar Reflector #152
  Download LiteratureDavis Instruments 152 Safety KitsEchomaster™ Radar ReflectorGive ships a chance to see you in fog and low visibility. This model provides 12 square meters of radar cross section. Ranked on of the best radar reflectors and rated superior...
$89.99 $74.61
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Orion Flourescein Dye Marker 2-pk #984
Orion Safety Products 984 Safety KitsFluorescent Dye Marker - 2-PackPowder that turns snow or water into a bright fluorescent green signal.  You can write in the snow or on the ground.  Serves as an excellent signal for rescuers to mark...
$22.99 $17.76
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