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Chrysler Chrysler Small Block Damper Plate #3745466
Chrysler 3745466 Harmonic Balancers Chrysler Small Block Damper Plate Used on Chrysler LM318 M340 and M360 small block engines coupled to Velvet Drive Brog Warner tranmissions Normalized SKU: 3745466
$691.02 $262.78
Pleasurecraft Ford Small Block Damper Plate #R140001
Pleasurecraft R140001 Harmonic Balancers Fits Ford 302 and 351 cu. in. marine engines Mates to Borg Warner Velvet Drive transmissions Fits engines with front mount starters only Will not work with rear-mounted starters due to clearance issues Original PCM Replaces...
$472.98 $293.36
Crusader Balancer Assembly Crankshaft #7070840
Crusader 7070840 Harmonic BalancersBalancer AssemblyNormalized SKU: 7070840
$447.67 $259.11
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Mercury Marine Harmonic Balancer #863397
Mercury Marine 863397 Harmonic BalancersMercury Marine Harmonic Balancer #863397Normalized SKU: 863397UPC Code: 745061535176
$838.61 $172.73
Sold Out
Mercury Marine Balancer #809892T
Mercury Marine 809892T Harmonic BalancersMercury Marine Balancer #809892TNormalized SKU: 809892TUPC Code: 745061297975
$1,857.24 $418.31
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