Davis Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite #6357
  Download LiteratureDavis Instruments 6357 Weather InstrumentsVantage Vue® Wireless Integrated Sensor SuiteThe innovative ISS combines a rain collector, temperature/humidity sensors, and anemometer/direction vane into a single unit for optimum performance and durability.Mounting hardware included; mounting pole sold separately.The fully-integrated, corrosion-proof...
$428.83 $325.50
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Davis 4-Conductor Extension Cable 8' #7876-008
Davis Instruments 7876-008 Weather InstrumentsStandard 4-Conductor CableIncludes waterproof coupler kits (not shown in photograph) for joining two cables together. Use with wireless or cabled Vantage Pro2 or original Vantage Pro, and WeatherLink for Vantage Pro2, Wizard, or Monitor.Also for use...
B&G WS710 0.8m Vertical Wind S Pack 35m Cable & Junction Box #000-14384-001
B & G 000-14384-001 Weather InstrumentsB&G WS710 Verticle Win Pack wih 35m CableModel: 000-14384-001 High precision and accuracy High performance aerodynamic design Ocean Race proven Straightforward installation The WS710 Wind Pack offers superb aerodynamics and accuracy. A 0.8m high modulus...
$3,294.61 $2,699.00
B&G Wind Vane Assembly for WS300 WS700 #000-15144-001
B & G 000-15144-001 Weather InstrumentsWind Vane Assembly for WS300 & WS700Wind vane assembly spare for WS300 and WS700 series wind sensors. Normalized SKU: 00015144001UPC Code: 9420064108619
$84.87 $68.37
B&G Triton2 Speed Depth Wind Wireless Wind Pack #000-14956-002
Watch VideoB & G 000-14956-002 Weather InstrumentsTriton² Speed, Depth & Wireless Wind System Pack - Contains Triton² 4.1" Color Display, DST810 Transducer, WS320 Wireless Wind Sensor & NMEA2000 Starter KitThe full-color Triton² Display provides sailors with a clear visual representation...
$2,065.55 $1,699.00
Raymarine Wireless Wind Kit for SeaTalk ng Network #T70345
Raymarine T70345 Weather InstrumentsRaymarine Wireless Wind Kit for SeaTalkng Networks Model: T70345 Upgrade your existing Raymarine instrument system to wireless wind and enjoy the benefits of increased accuracy, reduced weight aloft, and rugged reliability. The Wireless Wind Kit for SeaTalkng...
$1,511.18 $1,198.52
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B&G H5000 Barometric Pressure Sensor #000-11552-001
Download LiteratureB & G 000-11552-001 Weather InstrumentsH5000 Barometric Pressure SensorB&G has a selection of performance marine sensors to help your instrument and autopilot system perform to its full potential. The range includes the H5000 barometric pressure sensor. Normalized SKU: 00011552001UPC...
$579.34 $386.91
B&G Triton2 Speed Depth Wind System Pack #000-14957-002
Watch VideoB & G 000-14957-002 Weather InstrumentsTriton² Speed, Depth & Wireless Wind System Pack - Contains 2 Triton² 4.1" Color Display, DST810 Transducer, WS320 Wireless Wind Sensor & NMEA2000 Starter KitThe full-color Triton² displays provide sailors with a clear visual...
$2,577.94 $2,199.00
Raymarine i70s Wireless Wind with DST800 #T70347
Raymarine T70347 Weather Instrumentsi70s Wireless Wind Pack Maximum Visibility and Maximum VersatilityThe i70s multifunction gives you the flexibility to display instrument and navigation data that is most important to you. Equipped with a bold and bright 4.1” display the i70s is...
$2,518.40 $1,997.35
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Lowrance WM-4 Sirius Satilite Weather & Radio #000-14970-001
Lowrance 000-14970-001 Weather InstrumentsLowrance WM-4 Sirius Satilite Weather & Radio #000-14970-001Normalized SKU: 00014970001UPC Code: 9420024178911
$644.66 $489.32
Clipper NMEA 2000 Wind System #CANBUS W SYS
Download LiteratureClipper CANBUS W SYS Weather InstrumentsClipper NMEA 2000 Compliant Wind SystemThe Wind System consists of the version 2 mast head sensor and a small translator box, the box is fitted with a ‘micro-c’ connector which plugs directly into an...
$516.56 $392.09
Simrad 608 Wind Sensor Only #000-13714-001
Simrad 000-13714-001 Weather InstrumentsSimrad 608 Wind Sensor Model: 000-13714-001 Networked wind sensor for Triton2, Triton, IS42, IS40 and IS20 systems. Sensor only, does not include cable. Compatible with previous 508 and IS20 wind sensor mast cables and brackets.Normalized SKU: 00013714001UPC...
$650.70 $549.00
Raymarine i70s Wireless Wind with DST800 Heading Sensor #T70348
Raymarine T70348 Weather InstrumentsRaymarine i70s, Wireless Wind, DST800, Heading Sensor and Backbone Kit Model: T70348 Raymarine’s premium instrument system-in-a-box kit features the i70s Multifunction Color Instrument, the Micro-Talk™ Wireless Performance Sailing Gateway, a wireless wind system, EV1 Heading Sensor, as...
$3,108.54 $2,491.24
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Raymarine i70s Wireless Wind with DST800 Heading Sensor #T70349
Raymarine T70349 Weather InstrumentsRaymarine i70s, Wireless Vertical Wind, DST800, Heading Sensor & Backbone Kit Model: T70349 Designed for racing and ultra-high performance cruising boats, this system-in-a-box kit features the i70s Multifunction Color Instrument, an extended-length vertical wireless wind system, EV1...
$4,264.95 $3,591.56
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Raymarine i60 Wireless Wind and Backbone Kit #T70346
Raymarine T70346 Weather InstrumentsRaymarine Raymarine i60, Wireless Wind and Backbone Kit Model: T70346 Raymarine’s premium i60 Wind System is now available with the convenience and simplicity of a wireless masthead transducer! This bundle includes the i60 Wind instrument, the new...
$2,208.63 $1,843.88
B&G Wind Speed Cups for All Models #000-15140-001
B & G 000-15140-001 Weather InstrumentsWind Speed Cups for All ModelsWind speed cup spare for all models wind sensors. Includes mounting nut. Normalized SKU: 00015140001UPC Code: 9420064108572
$54.00 $43.50
Davis Sonic Anemometer #6415
Download LiteratureDavis Instruments 6415 Weather InstrumentsSonic AnemometerMeasure wind with no moving parts. Use with a Sensor Transmitter or an EnviroMonitor Node, or as a replacement anemometer for wireless and cabled Vantage Pro2.The Davis Sonic Anemometer has no moving parts –...
$786.01 $618.66
B&G WS310 Wired Wind Sensor with 35m Cable #000-14843-001
B & G 000-14843-001 Weather InstrumentsWS310 Wired Wind Sensor with 35M Cable with Interface CableThe WS310 wind sensor pack is the perfect solution for any sailor looking to get accurate and fast wind data to your instruments from a wired...
$921.41 $725.24
Navico WM-4 Sirius Weather & Radio Module #000-14970-001
Navico 000-14970-001 Weather InstrumentsWM-4 SiriusXM® Marine Satellite Weather & Audio AntennaTracking of weather is easier than ever with the WM-4 Receiver for Simrad, Lowrance, and B&G multifunction displays. The WM-4 provides live, up-to-date weather information and forecasting to give you...
$568.17 $499.00
Sold Out
Garmin gWind Wireless 2 Wind-pk #010-01616-10
Garmin 010-01616-10 Weather InstrumentsGNX™ Wireless Wind PackThe Information You Need to Set Sail Includes GNX™ Wind instrument and gWind™ Wireless 2 transducer GNX Wind provides 2 data fields and a digital wind rose to simultaneously display true and apparent wind...
$2,162.22 $949.99
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B&G Triton2 Speed/Depth/Wind Wireless Pack #000-14956-001
B & G 000-14956-001 Weather InstrumentsTriton2 Speed/Depth/Wind Wireless PackSail smarter with the Triton² Speed/Depth/Wireless Wind pack. Perfect for cruisers and club racers, Triton² shows you the instrument data you need, where you need it, with a Smart Triducer for speed and...
$2,060.99 $1,549.00
Davis Aerocone Rain Collector with Vantage Pro2 Mounting Base #6466
Davis Instruments 6466 Weather InstrumentsAeroCone® Rain Collector with Vantage Pro2™ Mounting BaseStand-alone rain collector with a flat mounting base replaces the rain collector on your Vantage Pro2 sensor suite so it can be installed separately; or as part of an...
$185.36 $141.68
Davis Aerocone Rain Collector with Flat Base #6464
Davis Instruments 6464 Weather InstrumentsAeroCone® Rain Collector with Flat BaseThe AeroCone rain collector reduces wind-induced errors by providing a more aerodynamic path around the collector. Its contours are designed to streamline the airflow and reduce flow distortions. The design improves...
$176.42 $137.21
Sold Out
Davis WeatherLink Live #6100
Davis Instruments 6100 Weather InstrumentsWeatherLink® LiveAdd WeatherLink to your Vantage Vue or Vantage Pro2. The data logger fits neatly into the weather station console or Weather Envoy, storing weather data even when it's not connected to your PC.Add this popular...
$342.21 $297.03
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