Star Brite Ultimate Magic Sponge Scuff & Streak Eraser #41001
Star Brite 41001 Cleaning Tools The fastest way to remove stains, scuffs, and streaks from fiberglass and vinyl surfaces. Features For home, auto, Rv, boat & more Instantly erases dirt, grime, scuff marks, and streaks Removes scuffs and stains from...
$3.62 $2.99
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Star Brite Scuff Eraser 2-pk #041000
Star Brite 041000 Cleaning Tools Star Brite Scuff Eraser 2-pk #041000Normalized SKU: 041000UPC Code: 071247410006
$6.94 $5.73
Ace Hardware Threaded F/M 2-Way Shut Off Valve #71463
Ace Hardware 71463 Cleaning Tools Ace Hardware Threaded F/M 2-Way Shut Off Valve #71463Normalized SKU: 71463UPC Code: 082901714637
$35.96 $8.99
Hosecoil Horizontal Mount Enclosure with 5' Feeder #HC25H2
HoseCoil HC25H2 Cleaning ToolsHorizontal Mount Enclosure with Additional 5' Feeder HoseFor installing a washdown hose on our boat, home or spaHoseCoil's Horizontal Mount Enclosure is constructed of high density, durable ABS with high gloss UV protective coating. Included is a...
$207.91 $199.99
Shurhold Shur-LOK Medium Scrubber Pad 2-pk #1702
Shurhold 1702 Cleaning ToolsShur-LOK Swivel Pad & ScrubbersMedium Scrubber Pad(2 pack) SHURHOLD MEDIUM SCRUBBER 2-PK Normalized SKU: 1702UPC Code: 703485617021
$11.53 $9.35
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Shurhold Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch Free Wash Mitt #286
Shurhold 286 Cleaning ToolsChenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash MittThe softest wash mitt ever made! The Microfiber Wash Mitt is made of plush chenille fibers that are designed to clean the most sensitive surfaces while holding tons of clean, soapy water....
$24.03 $9.98
Sold Out
Meguiar's Glass Cleaner Bottle #D20120
Meguiar's D20120 Cleaning Tools32 ounce bottles (sprayers sold separately) and 12 ounce dispensers with cap.Meguiar's Glass Cleaner Bottle #D20120Normalized SKU: D20120UPC Code: 070382801205
$5.98 $4.93
Meguiar's All Purpose Cleaner Bottle #D20101
Meguiar's D20101 Cleaning Tools32 ounce bottles (sprayers sold separately) and 12 ounce dispensers with cap.Meguiar's All Purpose Cleaner Bottle #D20101Normalized SKU: D20101
$17.41 $14.12
Star Brite Brush Adapter #40136
Star Brite 40136 Cleaning ToolsMade from triple anodized aluminum. 40135 allows use of Shurhold accessories with Star Brite handles. 40136 allows use of Star Brite Extend-A-Brush accessories with Shurhold handles.Star Brite Brush Adaptor 40136Normalized SKU: 40136UPC Code: 071247401363
$16.95 $13.74
Star Brite Adjustable Knuckle #40030
Star Brite 40030 Cleaning ToolsFor use with all Extend-A-Brush Premium Handles to obtain an offset adjustment of scrubber pads. This is a very handy device and adapts to Scrubber pads Helps you get to those hard to reach, awkward areas...
$11.01 $8.93
Whitecap 50' Blue Coiled Hose with Adjustable Nozzle #P-0442B
Whitecap P-0442B Cleaning Tools50' Blue Coiled Hose with Adjustable NozzleFeatures: 50' Blue Coiled Hose with Nozzle Male fitting: 3/4" Female Fitting: 3/4" Material: Polyrethane Hose Normalized SKU: P0442BUPC Code: 725060044237
$48.91 $39.40
Whitecap 25' White Coiled Hose with Adjustable Nozzle #P-0441
Whitecap P-0441 Cleaning Tools25' White Coiled Hose with Adjustable NozzleFeatures: 25' White Coiled Hose with Nozzle Male fitting: 3/4" Female Fitting: 3/4" Material: Polyrethane Hose Normalized SKU: P0441UPC Code: 725060044114
$37.31 $30.26
Shurhold Dock-A-Reni #134
Shurhold 134 Cleaning ToolsDock-A-ReniHolds a dock line in a loop to easily slip it over a piling.The Dock-A-Reni is a dock line holding tool that attaches to any boat pole and allows you to tie your boat up with ease....
$13.19 $10.70
Shurhold Microfiber Towels 3-pk #293
Shurhold 293 Cleaning ToolsMicrofiber Towels Variety - 3-PackMicrofiber towels lift and trap dirt, moisture & grease, unlike regular cotton towels, which just push contaminants across the surface. These towels are extremely soft, gentle, and super absorbent so they won't scratch....
$27.49 $22.29
Shurhold Utility Brush #270
Shurhold 270 Cleaning ToolsPad Cleaning & Utility BrushShaped to fit your hand for effective scrubbing on multiple surfaces.Perfect for fluffing and cleaning Buff Magic pads. The Utility Brush is shaped to fit your hand and is perfect for use on...
$8.98 $7.41
Shurhold 6' Telescoping Handle 43-72" Fishing Series #833FS
  Watch VideoShurhold 833FS Cleaning ToolsFishing Series HandlesThe Fishing Series handles are a unique new design that focus on the same quality as Shurhold?s original handles but also places emphasis on the handles aesthetic. The handles are sleek black with...
$115.69 $94.98
Shurhold Shur-LOK Shrimp and Shad Dip Net 17" x 20" x 30" #1825
Shurhold 1825 Cleaning ToolsShur-Lok Boating & FishingShrimp & Shad Dip Netw/ fine mesh netting17" x 20" x 30" SHURHOLD SHRIMP & SHAD NET 17"X20" PEAR SHAPENormalized SKU: 1825UPC Code: 703485318256
$66.17 $54.98
Shurhold Shur-LOK Threaded Adapter #101
Shurhold 101 Cleaning ToolsShur-Lok AdaptersThreaded Adaptercompatible with most internally threaded products SHURHOLD THREADED ADAPTER Normalized SKU: 101UPC Code: 703485101018
$12.14 $9.98
Shurhold Shur-LOK Fine Scrubber Pad 2-pk #1701
Shurhold 1701 Cleaning ToolsShur-LOK Swivel Pad & ScrubbersFine Scrubber Pad(2 pack) SHURHOLD FINE SCRUBBER PAD 2PK Normalized SKU: 1701UPC Code: 703485617014
$11.66 $9.45
Shurhold 8" Nylon Soft Brush for Windows Hulls and Wheels #310
  Watch VideoShurhold 310 Cleaning ToolsShur-Lok BrushesSpecial application brushes great for windows, hulls, wheels, and other hard to reach places8" Nylon Soft Brushw/ blue nylon bristles SHURHOLD WINDOW & HULL BRUSH EXTRA SOFT BLUE NYLONNormalized SKU: 310UPC Code: 703485203101Shurhold 310...
$48.98 $39.45
Shurhold 10" Polystyrene Soft Brislte Brush #980
  Watch VideoShurhold 980 Cleaning ToolsShur-Lok BrushesDeck brushes flared bristles and angled head design10" Soft Brushw/ yellow polystyrene bristles SHURHOLD 10" DECK BRUSH SOFT YELLOW POLYSTYRENENormalized SKU: 980UPC Code: 703485209806Shurhold 980 Video
$56.00 $45.11
Shurhold 9' Telescoping Handle 63-108" #855
  Watch VideoShurhold 855 Cleaning ToolsSHUR-LOK HANDLES"One Handle Does It All"9' Telescoping HandleQuickly locks at four different lengths from 63"- 108"Shurholds exclusive SHUR-LOK quick release system positively locks any Shurhold handle quickly and easily with all Shurhold accessories. never spin...
$59.58 $48.98
Revolve Boat Hook Universal Fitting #03-REV-UF
Revolve 03-REV-UF Cleaning ToolsUniversal Mount Universal mount attachment for the rollable composite boat hook handle.The Revolve Deck Gear System is designed from the start as a modular, flexible range of equipment that quickly adapts to life onboard. Duplication is eliminated so you can...
$43.56 $41.56
Revolve Utility Pole With Firm Brush #03-REV-FBP
Revolve 03-REV-FBP Cleaning ToolsRollable Utility Pole with Firm BrushRevolve Deck Gear System has designed and developed a unique, full-size rollable utility pole and firm brush that stows into the smallest of spaces.  The Revolve utility pole uses next-generation rollable composite...
$159.54 $140.64
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