FORMAX #33 Stainless Steel Compound #515-6142
FORMAX 515-6142 Sanding SuppliesIf you're looking for a fast-cutting, simple-to-use medium oily compound that can be used to buff down and color out the job in one operation, this is the Stainless Steel Compound for you! This is our most...
$15.43 $12.51
FORMAX #37 Stainless Steel Compound for High-Polish #515-6144
FORMAX 515-6144 Sanding SuppliesAre you looking for the most exemplary stainless steel buffing compound? The Formax 515-6144 10" x 2" x 2" Gray Stainless Steel Rouge Compound Stainless Steel "Extra Fast Cut (Medium Dry). Due to the use of sharp...
$16.93 $13.73
FORMAX #C-170 White Lightning Rouge #515-6113
FORMAX 515-6113 Sanding SuppliesThe company is run by a team of professionals with extensive experience in motors, boats, and a large catalog of replacement arts that complements marine accessories and all of your technical parts. Boat components, inboard and outboard...
$17.26 $14.00
FORMAX 120 Grit Satin Glo Compound #515-6004
FORMAX 515-6004 Sanding SuppliesCleaning rusty surfaces, welding burns, and removing machine marks can be fun with the right greaseless polishing compound. Formax Satin-Glo 120 Grit Greaseless Polishing Compound excellent choice for a satin finish, paint removal, and completely free of...
$17.67 $14.33
FORMAX 16" x 7" Center 1-1/4" Arbor #515-317
FORMAX 515-317 Sanding SuppliesSisal is a slender, complex cellular strand of fiber that has long been used as binder twine, cable, and rope due to its high strength and tenacious tenacity. Together with its natural abrading and grease-absorbing properties, these...
$75.46 $60.78
Sold Out
FORMAX 16" x 7" x 1-1/4" White #515-7081
FORMAX 515-7081 Sanding SuppliesRenowned as a top player for years in the industry, Formax offers the best mirror finish watercraft with the 16"X7" X 1 1/4 - White (515-7081). The airway buffing wheels are for an angle grinder, benchtop lathe,...
$57.40 $46.24
FORMAX 16' x 7" 1 1/4 Bright-Tex #515-138
FORMAX 515-138 Sanding SuppliesBright-text material is a non-woven, non-directional nylon fiber mesh that is impregnated and coated throughout with fused abrasive grit, allowing Bright-TexTM wheels to be flexible, resilient, cool running, and conforming to flat-convex/concave areas. The open-mesh structure reduces...
$120.94 $94.07
FORMAX 240 Grit Satin Glo Compound #515-6009
FORMAX 515-6009 Sanding SuppliesA perfect formulation works best on surface polishing to metal finishing. Excellent for removing paint and satin finish. The term "greaseless" describes this sort of polishing compound. Creatively manufactured -the 240 Grit Satin is greaseless, free from...
$17.67 $14.33
FORMAX 320 Grit Satin Glo Compound #515-6011
FORMAX 515-6011 Sanding SuppliesThe expressive word "greaseless" is practical to this category of the polishing compound since it is made completely free of grease, oil, or wax. The formulations are composed of bumpy grits blended keenly on a mixture of...
$17.67 $14.33
FORMAX 8-1/2" Flanges for 7" Center #515-571
FORMAX 515-571 Sanding SuppliesThe 8 1/2" FLANGES FOR 7" CENTER (515-571) is a steel-made side plate end flanges. It is a pair of ventilated, high-quality, heavy-duty 8 1/2 inches flange for 7 inches center buffs. The metal center bias-type buffs...
$317.43 $242.63
FORMAX 80 Grit Liquid Sandpaper #515-6214
FORMAX 515-6214 Sanding SuppliesFORMAX 80 Grit Liquid Sandpaper #515-6214Normalized SKU: 5156214
$429.19 $328.06
FORMAX 80 Grit Satin Glo Compound #515-6002
FORMAX 515-6002 Sanding SuppliesFirst-rate for cleaning rusty surfaces and welding burns and for removing machine marks. The polishing compound is made free of grease, oil, or wax. The formulations are collected of rasping grits blended into a mixture of glue...
$17.67 $14.33
FORMAX A-5 Poly-Glu #515-6022
FORMAX 515-6022 Sanding SuppliesThe grade A-5 POLY-GLU (515-6022) of Formax is a perfect tool for setting up Polishing Wheels, Belts, Discs, and Bobs. This A-5 Poly-Glu is synthetic animal hide glue with higher than normal glue film strength specifically designed...
$16.84 $13.65
FORMAX Belly-Pad Buffing Apron #515-576
FORMAX 515-576 Sanding SuppliesThe Formax BELLY-PAD BUFFING APRON (515-576) is convenient and efficient protection or covering in the midsection of the polisher. It is of a robust drill with twill cotton fabric composition plied to a thickness of 1/2-inch or...
$90.79 $70.62
FORMAX Belt Grease/Aluminum Oxide #515-6054
FORMAX 515-6054 Sanding SuppliesThe BELT GREASE / ALUMINUM OXIDE (515-6054) is a premium buffing flour merged to produce a more refined and brighter belt finish. The F-122 is a compound of aluminum oxide polished flour and unfused belt grease. This...
$15.65 $12.69
FORMAX Black Magic Stainless Steel Polishing #515-6115
FORMAX 515-6115 Sanding SuppliesFormax has been a leading manufacturer of superior-grade buffing & polishing compounds, buffing wheels, accessories, and more. Over the decades, they developed many grades and styles of compounds and wheels that have become standards in the finishing...
$14.86 $12.05
FORMAX F-26 Formax Grease Stick #515-6050
FORMAX 515-6050 Sanding SuppliesFormax F-26 Coated Abrasive Grease Stick Belt and disc lubricant with a wide range of applications. Formax is the "original" F-26 coated abrasive grease stick, which is still widely used. Regular polishing wheel grease sticks generate high...
$17.72 $14.37
FORMAX F-90 Formax Grease Stick #515-6051
FORMAX 515-6051 Sanding SuppliesTry this F-90 Coated Abrasive Grease Stick by Formax�. The F-90 is a pure tallow base mixture. It serves to lubricate, fill, and close the belt with its heavy-bodied grease film. The purpose of having a thick...
$15.13 $12.27
FORMAX Fd-32 16" x 20 Ply x 1-1/4" AH #515-7316
FORMAX 515-7316 Sanding SuppliesFormax 16" White Spiral Sewn Buffing Wheel. The spiral stitched buff is by far the most common and oldest. The spacing between the spiral stitching controls the density or hardness. The tighter the stitching, the more abrasive...
$62.24 $50.14
FORMAX FD-32 16" x 40 Ply x 1-1/4 AH #515-356
FORMAX 515-356 Sanding SuppliesThe FD-32 16 inch X 40 PLY X 1 1/4 AH (515-356) is a factory-prepared, nap-raked face that accommodates buffing compound dressing swiftly. For a satin finish or paint removal, combine with Satin-Glo greaseless compounds or normal...
$106.38 $82.74
FORMAX Formax Wheel Wax F-200 #515-6055
FORMAX 515-6055 Sanding SuppliesNeed ultimate protection for your wheels? Protect your investment and choose the best! With Formax F-200 wheel wax only uses the highest premium-grade components, resulting in a consistently better finish. Best for coated abrasive belts and discs....
$17.59 $14.27
FORMAX Unloader Abrasive Cleaning #515-581
FORMAX 515-581 Sanding SuppliesThe ''Unloader'' Abrasive Cleaning product is a cleaning item for boat engines and machines. It is like having a huge eraser for boats! Removes embedded grinding material stuck and packed between the abrasive grit particles, restoring clogged...
$39.29 $31.86
FORMAX Wheel Rake And Handle #515-573
FORMAX 515-573 Sanding SuppliesFormax wheel rake and handle (515-573) is a valuable tool for removing dried compounds, fluffing buffing wheels, and truing the faces of buffing wheels. Roll the heavy-gauge steel rake across the wheel face while operating to use...
$62.17 $50.08
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