Astron Power Supply #SS-10
Astron SS-10 Inverters"Small switching power supply, 7 amps continuous duty, 10 amps intermittent duty "Normalized SKU: SS10
$174.82 $133.63
Sold Out
Astron Power Supply #SS-30
Astron SS-30 Inverters30 Amp switch power supply 25 Amp Constant 30Amp intermittent 3 3/4 x 7 x 9 5/8in 90-132Vac 50/60Hz or 180-264Vac 50/60Hz selectable  Normalized SKU: SS30
$242.40 $185.28
Astron Power Supply 110/220v AC to 12v DC 30A Converter #SS-30-AP
Astron SS-30-AP ConvertersAstron SS-30-AP Switchign Desktop Power SupplyModel: SS30-APThe SS-30 model supports currents up to 25A avg and peak up to 30A ICS (*) peak max. It is ideally suited for use with 12/13.8 VDC communications equipment. Switching technology >82%...
$312.75 $239.05
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