Water May Be Blue, But The Marine Industry Is Going Green

Interest and action has been building to address environmental concerns as it relates to the recreational boating industry.  Topics include the disposal of human and pet waste, trash, petroleum products as well as habitat disturbance and air pollution. 

The boating industry is taking aggressive steps to address potential damage to the environment from the result of recreational boating and related products.  Cleaner operating engines, avoiding fuel spillage and many other topics are being addressed.  Manufacturing processes are being  put in place to expand green initiatives while quality products that support a better environment are being produced for the market. 

Along with boaters who take it on themselves to seek green alternatives and these manufacturing/product changes, First Choice Marine joins the campaign to save the environment whether on land, in the water or in the air. 

Check out our First Choice Marine Green Bulletin Board below.  Check back as we highlight new manufacturers and products that put forth best practices to save our environment.  At the same time consider our suggestions for environmentally responsible "Green Boating Checklist" at the end of this page.

Remember, Earth Day may happen once a year, but keeping the environment clean is a year long event.

(check back periodically for NEW! additions)


Colloidal Cleaners A Better Green Choice

303 uses colloidal formulations in their cleaners.  To understand the nature of 303's colloid cleaner technology, one must first know what a colloid is NOT. It is not a soap, detergent or petroleum solvent. 303's colloid cleaners are non-toxic and do not have a flash point.   A 303 colloid cleaner product is completely people-safe. With it, there are no effects from over exposure. There are no special storage requirements. 303 colloid cleaners are non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-explosive, non-fuming, non-caustic and 99% biodegradable.   Does this make them less effective?  Absolutely not.  This is one of our best selling lines.  Try it as a greener choice for cleaning products for your boat and a long list of other items.  A green alternative with incredible cleaning power.

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Earth Friendly Labeling on 303 Green Products

Look for the "Earth Friendly" green circle on the 303 Products labels.  This new labeling will show our customers who purchase 303 Products the specific "green" products from the 303 Products line.  Almost the entire 303 line has gone green.

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Less Packaging Equals Less Use of Energy & Less Plastic In Landfills

303 Windshield Washer Tablets pack a one-two-three punch in going green.  First, by using a tablet, rather than gallon after gallon of plastic containers you are keeping additional plastic from our landfills.  This also curbs the transportation, i.e. fuel costs, to transport the product.  Smaller product, less packaging and transportation.  Third, the product is biodegradable.  It is made from food grade ingredients with a specialized synthetic detergent.  What a great alternative for your fleet or personal use.  Available in economical tube or five pack for your glove box!

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Sound Off With Air Powered Air Horns

Many of the safety horns used on boats traditionally have been ones that are aerosol cans.  Check out the Seasense and Taylor made eco-blast horns powered by air and rechargeable with a simple air pump or try the ones powered by your own air such as the Seasense Safety Blaster or Attwood Bellow Signal Horn.   Seasense also provides cannister horns that do not harm the ozone.

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CDI & Their Green Initiative

Here are a few things that CDI has done in their initiative to go green:
  • Use lead free solder in their circuit boards
  • Recycling of metals and other toxins rather than having them hit the landfills
  • Using recycled paper products for packaging
  • Recycling of plastic to reuse within the manufacturing process
  • Recycle ink and toner cartridges
  • Efficient lighting within their manufacturing environment
  • Reduction of harsh chemicals within their processes
  • Use recycled rubber made from tires for their floor mats in their facilities
CDI Electronics is a manufacturer of top quality electronic ignition parts for the marine industry.

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First Choice Marine is proud to carry an extensive line of marine lighting that feature the alternative LED lighting.  LED saves money and the environment.  A win-win in our book!

Featured on the left is the ever popular Seasense Strip Light available in a variety of colors.

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First Choice Marine's

1.  Use non-evasive cleaners and related products
2.  Dispose of trash and waste appropriately
3.  Respect marine wildlife and follow all fishing regulations
4.  Keep your engine tuned up and in good working order
5.  Use best practices when refueling
6.  Reuse and recycle on the water, just as you would on land