First Choice Marine is your first choice for the NEW 2012 tubes, towables and the latest craze - doables. 

Sportsstuff and Kwik-Tek's Airhead label are the top names in the field of watersports, and First Choice Marine is proud to carry these lines. 

The First Choice Marine watersports product line includes tubes, towables, doables, lounges and accessories.  Our accessory line includes safety equipment (gloves, helmets), pumps and ropes.

Get ready to spin, rock, slalom and show off your tricks and moves with the latest in watersport fun or pick a lounge and just relax on the water!

If you don't see the particular item you are looking for, just let our friendly customer service staff know and they will do their best to get it ordered for you. 

Check back often as we will add NEW tubes, towables and doables as they become available!

Mixmaster 1  

Rockin the Lake with ROCKIN MABLE!
You’ll be the envy of the lake with SPORTSSTUFF’s ROCKIN’ MABLE! The MABLE series has been one of the world’s most popular towables since its inception. We’ve raised the bar with the ROCKIN’ MABLE series. They have all of the same popular features as the MABLES, but with a convex bottom surface that provides super fun rockin’ action! ROCKIN’ MABLES slide effortlessly side-to-side, so the kids will have more fun, even at slow speeds. They’re 2 tubes in 1, ride them sitting down or kneeling! The big wrap around backrest, soft knee/seat pads and a magnitude of strategically placed handles keep you on the tube, no matter how wild the action! The front & rear Dual Tow Points are equipped with SPORTSSTUFF’s patented aluminum Quick Connects for easy hook-ups. This tube is built to last, with a double-stitched 840 denier nylon cover and 30 gauge vinyl bladder. Inflating and deflating is a snap with the 2 patented Speed Safety Valves. 

Rockin Mable 2 is 66x62 for two riders and Rockin Super Mable 3 is 80x62 for three riders.  Colors on both are red, yellow, black and white.

Rockin Mable 2 - Part # 53-2262 - Buy Now!

Rockin Super Mable 3 - Part #53-2263 - Buy Now!

Mixmaster 2  

What is a Whacky Whopper?
A Whacky Whopper from Sportstuff is a towable or could be a lounge.  The dual wave design provides excitement for up to three riders.  Multiple riding positions provides different and unique riding sensations.  Ride lying down or sitting up.  Plenty of handles to hold on to.  Soft and comfortable knee and elbow pads are strategically placed for peak performance.  Equipped with Speed Safety Valve and heavy duty aluminum Quick Connect for easy hook-ups.  Rugged, double stitched 840 denier nylon cover with zipper and 30 gauge vinyl bladder ensure longevity.  Size 94x70 deflated.

Part # 53-5153 - Buy Now!

Mixmaster PVC  

The Tremor from Airhead by Kwik-Tek
This new unique wrap-around horseshoe shape towable will have you in a tremor with excitement.  The Tremor holds up to 4 kids or adults in its multi-level circular surface area.  Kneel on the soft knee pads to ride looking out or you can sit on the top looking in.  Doubles as a great conversation pit.  Add a Kwik-Tek cooler in the center and get the party rolling.  30-Gauge PVC bladder, fully covered with 840-denier double-stitched nylon cover.  Equipped with heavy duty Kwik-Connect for easy and secure hook-ups.  Eight strategically placed foam filled tubular nylon handles with neoprene knuckle guards.  Two speed safety valves.  Size 89x89 deflated.

Part # AHTM-4 - Buy Now!

Stunt Flyer  

Hexsanity Will Drive You Insane
Airhead by Kwik-Tek brings you for 2012 the Hexsanity, a hexagon shaped towable destined to provide you one wild ride.  For stability and comfort this tube is equipped with wrap-around backrests and dual tow points.  Attach a tow rop to the front Kwik-Connect with one or two riders sitting down.  Hook the tow rope to the rear Kwik-Connect to ride in the kneeling position.  Includes two molded drink holders in the center.  Four foam-filled tubular nylon handles with neoprene knuckle guards, a 30-gauge PVC bladder with double-stitched 840-denier nylon cover and two Speed Safety valves for easy and secure hook-ups are also featured.  85x77 deflated.

Part # AHHX-2 - Buy Now!

Frequent Flyer
Transformer 3 from Airhead by Kwik-Tek
The Transformer is three tubes in one!  Ride it deck-deck-deck, cockpit-deck-cockpit or cockpit-deck-deck.  Outside riders can choose to ride lying on soft comfortable pads.  Remove inflatable inserts and roll-up deck pads in seconds and transform it into a recumbant cockpit.  Cockpit mode feels safe and secure for the young children.  Features inflated floors and deluxe handles with neoprene knuckle guards.  30-gauge vinyl bladder with rugged double-stitched 840 denier nylon.  Equipped with heavy duty Kwik-Connect and Speed Safety valve for easy and secure hook-ups.  112x92 deflated.  Rides up to three.

Part # AHTF-3 - Buy Now!

Wet N' Wild Flyer  

MACH 2 Recommended for Beginners
MACH 2 is our budget minded 2 rider cockpit towable. We recommend cockpit tubes for timid and young riders, since they feel very secure inside. MACH 2 also has a wild side, making teens and adults happy too. The inflated floors provide a comfortable seat. Four deluxe handles with neoprene knuckle guards provide a secure and comfortable grip. The heavy gauge PVC bladder and durable double-stitched nylon cover ensure years of service. Equipped with a patented Speed Safety Valve for easy inflating and deflating. 69 x 69 in.

Part # AHM2-2 - Buy Now!

Super Cube  

You won’t believe how fast this tube is! Featuring a super unique Square Construction with Rocker Bottom Dragless Design the tube barely touches the water while towing. Tons of Double Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Guards enable various riding positions and the Air Cushioned Floor in combination with EVA Foam Seating Pads deliver extra comfort to keep you coming back for more. This state-of-the-art towable also features an Aluminum Quick Connect Tow Point so attaching and detaching your tow rope to the tow system is a snap. The Angular Construction is sure to get you noticed as it slices through the water giving riders an exhilarating run in and outside the wake. Whether winding through whips and turns or blasting through the wake, the Super Cube provides a unique riding experience you need to try for yourself.

Part # 53-1890 - See more

Wake Yak  

What can’t this amazing new DOABLE for 1-2 riders do? Create your own tricks with multiple spins & slaloms, or explore uncharted waters on this unique ride. 2 Riders will learn to spin by rocking back and forth & catching the Tiger Tooth Fins in the water causing the spin cycle to begin. This DOABLE is packed with features you won’t find on any other “normal” towable. Old style towables use a front mounted tow point to pull the tube but DOABLES use an innovative, centrally located VEER Tow System on bottom that allows perfect balance and control to spin, steer, and slalom. Skill Tubing has arrived so finally riders have the amazing ability to control their own ride while the boat simply drives straight. You and a friend will work together to slalom back and forth and jump the wake or spin yourselves silly doing 360’s, 1080’s, you name it. Spin & slalom with a friend riding face-to-face, in-line, or facing outwards on this innovative Doable you won’t find anywhere else.

Part # 52-3150 - See more

Big, New & Improved Mable  

The Big Mable is back and better than ever! This next generation Mable for 1 to 2 riders has a Redesigned Backrest, and added Air Cushioned Side Walls to keep you on board around every whip and turn. Dual Tow Points allow for 2 completely different riding experiences. Sit, lay, stand, or kneel while towing forwards like a deck tube or backwards like a chariot. Tons of Double Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Guards and EVA Foam Seating Pads provide a comfortable ride that will keep you coming back for more. Sportsstuff’s patented Speed Safety Valve and Aluminum Quick Connect Tow point will save you time to keep on the water longer. This uniquely shaped classic towable features a Heavy Gauge PVC Bladder and Double Stitched Full Nylon cover with all new Custom Graphics. Multi-functional is the Big Mable’s middle name, whether its providing a unique towable riding experience or making the perfect lounge at any pool, beach, lake or river!

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