Nauticus Sx Tabs 13-15' 30-40hp 2str Sx9510-30 Bl

Nauticus Sx Tabs 13-15' 30-40hp 2str Sx9510-30 Bl
Manufacturer: Nauticus
Part Number: SX9510-30 BL
SKU: NTC-SX9510-30 BL
Available Quantity: 5
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Nauticus SX9510-30 BL Trim Tabs

The SX series incorporates all of the fully automatic features of our popular Smart Tabs, in addition to the rust and corrosion free benefits of molded composite materials. Assembly can be completed in seconds and the installation in a few minutes. The system can be specifically tuned to maximize the performance of any power boat, and tracking ribs have been added to improve handling at higher speeds. Smart Tabs are a one of a kind system that constantly reacts to the water conditions, boat speed and balance providing remarkable improvements on any boat. Smoother and faster acceleration, 40% less bow rise and 35% lower on plane speed. More top speed and no porpoising or chine walking. Improved fuel economy by 11%+.

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Manufacturer: Nauticus
No Hydraulics...No Electric Switches Nauticus trim tabs are completely automatic requiring no operator adjustment while underway. Nauticus Smart Tabs work like shock absorbers, providing stability in turns, while crossing waves, while cruising, and while running and maximum speeds. No more sliding, porpoising, or chine walking. Check it out today.