Keelshield Skegshield Yamaha VMax #SS00522

Keelshield Skegshield Yamaha VMax #SS00522
Manufacturer: Keelshield
Part Number: SS00522
SKU: KLS-SS00522
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Keelshield SS00522 Keelsheild & Toon-Tectors

Protect your outboard or stern drive from damage with SkegShield™ skeg protector. Polished marine grade stainless steel. Reinforced lower edge for protection that makes SkegShield twice as strong as your OEM skeg and an exlcusive drain hole to prevent water retention and corrosion. No welding, no messy glue, adhesive or expoxy. No curing or down time. You'll be back in the water in under 30 minutes and we don't affect performance. 3 year warranty. J/E 40-50HP 4-stroke 99-03 1999-2003 SS00513 J/E 85-140HP 2-stroke 80-01 SS00506 J/E 150-225HP 2-stroke 86-03 SS00508 J/E 150-200HP ETEC 2-stroke 20" Shaft 04-10 SS00508 J/E 60-140HP 4-stroke 99-03 SS00518 J/E 150-200 ETEC 2 Strk 25" & 30" Shaft 04-10 SS00523 225-300 ETEC 2 Strk All Models 04-10 SS00523 Force 70-75HP 2-stroke 91-97 SS00517 Force 70 & 90HP 2-stroke 98-02 SS00504 Honda 35-50HP 4-stroke 91-10 SS00517 Honda 90HP 4-stroke 08-10 SS00517 Honda 75-115HP 4-stroke 95-07 SS00504 Honda 135-225HP 4-stroke 04-10 SS00520 Merc/Mariner 40-60HP 2-stroke 86-02 SS00517 Merc/Mariner 40-60HP 2 & 4-stroke 03-10 SS00513 Merc/Mariner 40-60HP 2 & 4-stroke (Big Foot) 03-10 SS00504 Merc/Mariner 70-80HP 2-stroke 84-10 SS00504 Merc/Mariner 90-125HP 2 & 4-stroke 83-10 SS00504 Merc/Mariner 135-200HP 2 & 4-stroke 78-04 SS00505 Merc/Mariner 150-275HP 2 & 4-stroke 05-10 SS00514 Merc/Mariner 225HP 2-stroke 78-95 SS00505 Merc/Mariner 225HP 2-stroke 96-04 SS00514 Merc/Mariner PRO XS SS00521 Mercruiser #1 Drives 73-84 SS00500 Mercruiser Alpha 1 85-90 SS00501 Mercruiser Alpha 1 Gen II 91-10 SS00502 Mercruiser Bravo 1 & 3 90-10 SS00503 Nissan 35-50HP 2-stroke 93-10 SS00517 Nissan 70-140HP 2-stroke 93-10 SS00504 OMC Cobra 4 Cyl Stern 86-94 SS00506 OMC Cobra 6 & 8 Cyl Stern 86-94 SS00508 Suzuki 40-70HP 4-stroke 03-10 SS00517 Suzuki 250SS & 300HP 4-stroke 06-10 SS00512 Suzuki 300HP 4-stroke 09-10 SS00508 Suzuki 90-140HP 4-stroke 03-10 SS00518 Suzuki 150-225HP 2-stroke 86-02 SS00519 Suzuki 150-225HP 4-stroke 03-10 SS00519 Tohatsu 35-50HP 2-stroke 93-10 SS00517 Tohatsu 70-140HP 2-stroke 93-10 SS00504 Volvo Penta SX Drives Single Prop 95-06 SS00510 Volvo Penta SX Drives Single Prop 07-10 SS00511 Volvo Penta DP Drives Dual Prop 95-07 SS00511 Yamaha 40-48; 50-85HP 2-stroke 84-00 SS00517 Yamaha 60-100HP 2 & 4-stroke 02-10 SS00515 Yamaha 115-130HP 2-stroke 03-10 SS00516 Yamaha 115-130HP 4-stroke 00-10 SS00516 Yamaha 60-100HP 2-stroke 98-01 SS00504 Yamaha 115-130HP 2-stroke 84-02 SS00512 Yamaha 150HP 2 & 4-stroke 84-10 SS00512 Yamaha 150-350HP 4-stroke 04-10 SS00512 Yamaha 175-250HP 2-stroke 84-02 SS00512 Yamaha All Stern Drives 89-93 SS00512 Yamaha Yamaha VMAZ SS00522
Normalized SKU: SS00522
UPC Code: 205440002007

KeelShield® Lifetime Warranty

The KeelShield ready to install kit still carries the best warranty of any keel protector in the business... a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee to the original purchaser. A Lifetime Warranty covering adhesion and abrasion wear through. 

Under the toughest conditions, KeelShield protects your investment. Look for KeelShield as featured in 3M's product brochure and other promotional literature spotlighting the extraordinary dependability of 3M's adhesive systems.

Click on this Link to 3M Worldwide and view an article with KeelShield featured in it. 

KeelShield® Warranty

This non transferable warranty is provided to the original purchaser.   KS Marine Products, Inc  will replace the damaged product for the life of the boat for the original   purchaser.   Our obligation under this warranty is limited to  replacement of the product and we will not be responsible for labor to remove or replace any KeelShield brand keel protector for any reason.   Proof of purchase (copy of receipt) and a picture showing the warranty problem must be produced in order to make a claim. 


Purchaser shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and purchaser assumes all risk and liability.  Neither KS Marine Products Inc.  nor its employees, agents, dealers or distributors shall be liable for any loss, claim or demand or special, indirect, direct, incidental or consequential damages arising out of   purchaser’s use of the product.  We make no other warranties either expressed or implied. Any improper use, operation or substitution of the product or any alteration or repair by a third party which in our judgment affects the product materially and adversely, shall void all of the provisions herein. 

 This limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties express or implied. 

 Any implied warranties, Including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, shall be limited to the duration of this written warranty.We disclaim any liability for damages for loss of use of the products,loss of time,inconvenience,injury to any person, or damage to property caused by the product,loss of revenue or profit,or damages for any failure to perform. In no event shall we be liable for any special,incidental or punitive damages even if we are advised of the possibility of such damages.

This warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty provided for the product. There are no other express warranties.  This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

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Many internet companies might have made this difficult for me. I really appreciate the service that I received from your company and will not hesitate to buy from you in the future.
Duane - Arizona

First Choice Marine is extremely fortunate to have professional, customer oriented customer service people representing them.
Lynne - Massachusetts

I can always count on First Choice Marine to go the extra mile.
Bruce - Oregon

Brand Info

Manufacturer: Keelshield
KS Marine Products is a company that designs, manufactures and markets protection products primarily for the marine industry.   The KeelShield® line of accessory products are designed to be used in a variety of applications in the marine and industrial market.  The primary function of KeelShield products is to affordably provide added protection to virtually any surface above and below the waterline.

  It all started in 1994 when the founder of KeelShield Inc was dissatisfied with the keel protectors that were on the market so she decided to make her own.  A boater all her life she knew first hand about damage to the keel of a boat from beaching, pulling up on the concrete ramp or hitting something - it is real and it is costly. Working with the newest  technologies available KeelShield brand keel protectors were created and KeelShield  has set the standards for other keel protector manufacturers to follow. 

  They now offer TransomShield™ along with SkegShield™ and the XPC(Xtreme Pedestal Cover™).  This diverse line of products can be found worldwide.  All of these products are proudly Made in the USA.