Watersports Guide

Today’s hot new fun on the water starts with the latest in inflatables.  Whether you enjoy the thrill of the ride on the latest towable or doable behind the boat, floating serenely down the river in a tube or lounging on a floating lounger in the pool or at the lake, there is a product just waiting for you.

Along with buying your new piece of equipment for some warm weather fun, you may need certain accessories essential for inflation, maintenance or safety.

You may also have questions on how to inflate the towable, tube or lounger or what are good maintenance tips for your equipment.

The Ins and Outs of inflatables, Towables, Tubes, Floats and Lounges

You've got questions and we'll try and answer them. 

Please refer to each one of our guides to answer your specific questions in those areas:
  • The Latest in Towables, Tubes, Floats and Lounges
  • What you need to know about inflation and inflation equipment
  • How to maintain a towable, tube, lounge or other float
  • Safety equipment recommended when using a towable or other watersports equipment

Towables, Floats & Lounges

The Latest in Towables, Tubes, Lounges and Floats
The industry has heated up when it comes to cool new towables, tubes, lounges and floats.

It wasn't that long ago that floating down a river was done in a tire innertube and a "lounge" in a pool was called a "raft."  Now it is all about big, colorful and FUN on these modern designs.

There are no limits in size and design, from one person to six person towables and doables.  The new towables and manueverable doables are all the rage and with names like "Sidewinder" and "Wake Ryder" you can imagine the fun you can have or watch one of the great videos of these new era tubes in action.

Lounges have evolved from a one person air mattress style to much more.  There are even trampolines that float and kayaks and tobbogans for the water.  Imagine it and it is probably available for you and your friends and family to take to the water with and enjoy every wild minute onboard.

Whether you are looking for that more relaxing ride experience or a wild and crazy one, there is a towable for you.  There are towables and tubes designed for one person or for an entire group.  There are ones covered in  vinyl and ones covered in nylon and many with inner bladders or tubes.

Let's unravel all that information on towables, tubes, lounges and floats.

Towable Inflation

Inflation & Inflation Equipment
Learning about inflating, deflating, topping off and equipment you need

Whether it is a towable with a cover and inside tube or a tube that inflates directly, correct inflation procedures are essential for the life span of your equipment. 

First and foremost, take the time to read the inflation directions that came with your purchase.   That is your best source of information on your specific tube.

As you read, be aware of requirements for inflation, re-inflation (small loss of air, not due to holes or damage), over-inflation and deflation.

Select the right inflation/deflation equipment for your particular tube and read up on all the dos and don'ts of inflating a tube or towable.

Tow Ropes & Harnesses

Tow Ropes & Harnesses
Choosing the right towable rope and tow harness for your particular needs

One of the top considerations in picking a Tow Rope for either watersports or for skiing is making sure it fits your particular application including the proper tensile strength for the number of riders on the tube (taking into consideration their total weight).

Again it is important to read the recommended manufacturer directions for required tow rope and harnesses for a particular tube or towable.

Another consideration is ease of attaching and detaching the ropes from the boat. You might also want to look for a rope with a float to keep the rope away from your propeller, a very important safety consideration.

Watersports Safety

Watersports Safety Equipment
Essential safety equipment for tubes and towables

What started as a fun day on the water with your favorite tube or towable could turn into disaster if you don't follow proper safety guidelines and use the proper equipment.

A properly inflated tube, properly attached harness and/or rope (with float to keep out of the way of the boat's propeller), skier down flag, safety helmet and other considerations are essential to insure you have a fun day with no problems.

A boat in great condition, tubes or towables in great condition and riders who have received the proper instruction all should be in place before setting out for a day of fun.

Towable & Tube Maintenance

Towable & Tube Maintenance
How to maintain your towable, tube, lounge or other float

Once you have made that selection you want to be sure you maintain your item for years of fun in the sun.  Maintenance of today’s watersports equipment is not that difficult, but is also essential for the life span of your equipment.

It's as simple as cleaning, drying thoroughly and properly storing each time you use the tube or towable.  If there are extended times during the season you will not use the tube, be sure it is deflated and stored properly after it is cleaned and dried.

Periodically take care to use a protectant after you clean the tube (before you deflate).