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Mazu 30' IGT Extension Cable #NA28017
mazu NA28017 AccessoriesSmart Antenna Extension Cable - 30'One (1) 30-foot Smart Antenna extension cable. Normalized SKU: NA28017
$108.95 $84.74
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Mazu 30' Keypad Extension Cable #NA28019
mazu NA28019 AccessoriesKeypad Extension Cable - 30'One (1) 30-foot keypad extension cable. Normalized SKU: NA28019
$104.27 $81.10
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Mazu M25 Sentury Kit #NA28351
mazu NA28351 AccessoriesM25 Sentry Kit Includes Sentry Adapter Cable, Float Switch, Magnetic Contacts, Backup Battery, Sensors & Actuatormazu Sentry is an add-on for the mazu Satellite System. This kit includes all the essential equipment needed to monitor and control a...
$217.48 $166.24
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Mazu M2500 Satcom System #NA28500
  Download Literaturemazu NA28500 SoftwareM2500 System Includes ISI-2000, IGT-2100 with 30' Cable, Keypad & ISI-2000 Power CableGoing offshore? Don’t settle for outdated weather forecasts, old fishing data and not being able to send or receive messages. Get access to all...
$829.98 $629.99
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