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Kenwood 10" Marine Speakers #P-WD250MRW
Kenwood P-WD250MRW SpeakersPeak Power: 100W Impedance: 1.5 ohms + 1.5 ohms Frequency Response: 28Hz - 800kHzNormalized SKU: PWD250MRWUPC Code: 019048158888
$237.68 $181.68
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Kenwood 3m Extension #CA-EX3MR
Kenwood CA-EX3MR Accessories" Marine remote controller extension cable 3.0m long "Normalized SKU: CAEX3MRUPC Code: 019048183767
$42.25 $34.26
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Kenwood 6.5" Speaker #KFC-1653MRW
Kenwood KFC-1653MRW Speakers"Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6.5"" Marine Speaker 2-Way, 150W Maximum Power Model: KFC-1653MRW UPC: 0019048210340 Water-resistant PP Cone 1"" Balanced Dome Tweeter Specifications Woofer Size 6.5"" Diaphram PP Cone: Silver Surround Santoprane Basket Resin Mold: White Magnet Ferrite: ?70*t20 Tweeter...
$140.00 $119.00
Kenwood 7m Extension #CA-EX7MR
Kenwood CA-EX7MR Accessories" Marine remote controller extension cable 7.0m long "Normalized SKU: CAEX7MRUPC Code: 019048183750
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Kenwood 8" Speaker #KFC-2053MRW
Kenwood KFC-2053MRW Speakers"Kenwood KFC-2053MRW 8"" Marine Speaker 2-Way, 300 Watt Maximum Power Model: KFC-2053MRW UPC: 0019048210326 Water-resistant PP Cone 1"" Balanced Dome Tweeter Specifications Woofer Size 8"" Diaphram PP Cone Silver Surround Santopran Basket Resin Mold White Magnet Ferrite ?90*t20...
$270.00 $249.00
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Kenwood Amplifier #KAC-M1824BT
Kenwood KAC-M1824BT Marine"Kenwood 4 Channel Amplifier 400W Max Power, Bluetooth Model: KAC-M1824BT UPC: 0019048210319 CEA-2006 Compliant Class D 2 Ohms load capability Speaker level input Signal sensng turn-on Power MOS-FET Switching Power Supply Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Design Line Output...
$300.00 $279.00
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Kenwood Amplifier #KCA-M3004
Kenwood KCA-M3004 Marine"Kenwood 4 Channel 400w Amplifier Model: KAC-M3004 UPC: 019048210302 Max Power 600w Conformal Coated Speaker level input Class D Variable Low-pass, High-Pass Filter Signal Sensing Turn-on Specifications CEA-2006 Primary Ratings power output 50 Watts RMS x 4 at...
$250.00 $219.00
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Kenwood Direct Cable #KCA-IP102
Kenwood KCA-IP102 Accessories Connects with Kenwood Head Units with iPod USB Direct Control Function Displays and Select music files from Music Menu (Playlist, Artist, Album, Genre) Data information dependent on the display capability of Head Unit works with iPod &...
$32.47 $26.33
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Kenwood HD Radio #KTC-HR300
Kenwood KTC-HR300 MarineConnect the KTC-HR300 to a compatible Kenwood product and experience a whole new world of digital broadcasting. FM broadcasts sound close to CD quality, and AM broadcasts sound close to current FM. One of the coolest features of...
$142.97 $111.20
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Kenwood KAC-M1814 400W Class D Power Amplifier #KAC-M1814
Kenwood KAC-M1814 MarineKenwood KAC-M1814 400W Class DModel: KAC-M1814 Peak Power 400W Conformal Coating for Marine and Other use. Speaker Level Input with Signal Sensing Turn on. Bridgeable Connection. KAC-M1814 Compact Class-D amplifier supports louder volume for Car, Marine and Motorsports...
$200.00 $169.00
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Kenwood KFC-1673MRWL 6.75" 2-WAY Speaker 150w RGB Lights #KFC-1673MRW
Kenwood KFC-1673MRW SpeakersKenwood KFC-1673MRWL 6-1/2" 2-way 2 Speaker with IlluminationModel: KFC-1673MRWL Water-resistant PP Cone (IPX5) Water-resistant rubber cushion adopted to prevent water intrusion of back side of the woofer. Water-resistant coating on LED's printed circuit board. UV resistant woofer grille...
$250.00 $199.00
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Kenwood KMR-D772BT AM/FM/CD with Bluetooth #KMR-D772BT
Kenwood KMR-D772BT MarineKenwood KMR-D772BT Marine CD Receiver with BluetoothModel: KMR-D772BT TDF(Theft Deterrent Faceplate) Maximum Output Power : 50W x 4 (MOSFET Power IC) KENWOOD sound reconstruction, restores musical to compressed music MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV/FLAC Files Playback with ID-3 Tag Display Android Rapid...
$260.00 $219.00
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Kenwood Remote #KCA-RC35MR
Kenwood KCA-RC35MR Accessories"Wired remote control, IPX7 rated. For use with KMR355U and KMR-555U. Up to six can be used withh a receiver. These direct wire to the receivers, no special cables required"Normalized SKU: KCARC35MRUPC Code: 0019048198464
$90.00 $89.00
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Kenwood Remote #KCA-RC55MR
Kenwood KCA-RC55MR Accessories"Rounded Wired Marine LCD Remote Control for KMR-700U, KMR-550U and KMR-555U with IPX7 protection Up to three can be used with a receiver. Data cables and splitters required CA-EX7MR (7M) or CA-EX3MR (3M) remote extensions CA-Y107MR splitter when...
$150.00 $149.00
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Kenwood Speakers #KFC-1633MRW
Kenwood KFC-1633MRW Speakers"6.5" 2-Way Marine Speaker System High performance marine speakers built to withstand the harsh marine environment General Features Water resistant cone Full-range Speaker Polypropylene Injection Cone Woofer Balanced Dome Tweeter "Normalized SKU: KFC1633MRWUPC Code: 019048182951
$100.00 $79.00
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Kenwood Stereo AM/FM with Bluetooth #KMR-M328BT
Kenwood KMR-M328BT MarineKenwood KMR-M328BT Stereo with BluetoothModel: KMR-M328BT Conformal Coating - Improved moisture resistance of the circuit boards to prevent corrosion. Music Mix - Up to 5 Bluetooth® devices can be paired to the receiver at the same time. You...
$160.00 $129.00
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Kenwood Stereo AM/FM/CD with Bluetooth #KMR-D378BT
Kenwood KMR-D378BT MarineKenwood KMR-D378BT StereoModel: KMR-D378BT 255 Segment 1.5 Line Text Display Amazon Alexa Ready Spotify Ready Bluetooth Direct Access Button Variable Color Illumination Conformal Coating 3 Preouts 4.0V Enjoy convenient control of popular apps like Spotify and Pandora, built-in...
$180.00 $149.00
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Kenwood Y-Cable #CA-Y107MR
Kenwood CA-Y107MR Accessories" Marina remote controller Y-splitter cable (1 male connector / 2 female connectors) 35cm long "Normalized SKU: CAY107MRUPC Code: 019048183743
$50.00 $39.00
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