Marine Radios

The usual defining decision is fixed mount or handheld, but these days there are always more choices and marine radios is no exception.  Either way, a quality marine radio is essential for on board communication.  Other features include a hailer, display options and antenna requirements.    Other products that fall in this category include CD radios, radios integrated with GPS units, two way radios (FMS and GMRS) and single side band radios.
Hailers & Hailer Horns

Hailers & Hailer Horns

Not only is a horn a safety requirement, but you don’t want to cut corners on these kinds of items.  Available in single or dual, in trumpet or hidden configurations and in a variety of materials designed to resist the weather conditions of a marine environment, you will find something for your exact need and a reliable product for keeping you and your passengers safe on your boat.

You might find hailer synonymous with megaphone or bullhorn, but regardless they are devices designed to amplify your voice toward a specific direction.  Today’s hailers for boat owners can be much more than this definition providing additional communication options and specific automatic international hailer warning signals.